COLOMBA DI PASQUA - 3 VARITIES (available from 15th March)

Regular price $38.00

**Apologies, we have actually sold out of Colomba, however we do have another option.

We import the flour from Italy and unfortunately the shipment was delayed and will arrive the week after Easter. Very frustrating!

Salvatore will make a batch using Australian flour which is a stronger flour.  There is a slight difference with the Colomba with the Australian flour ones being a little heavier than our usual ones.

He will make a batch for Thursday (to eat Good Friday) and Saturday (for Easter Sunday).

If you’d like to order one of these, just let me know and I will put it aside.   They will be $5 cheaper**


Italian Easter Peace Dove - similar to the Christmas Panettone but  fruitless & shaped as a  dove.  3 varieties.

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